Cenk Esertepe was born and raised in Istanbul as an eldest child of a big family, during the most beautiful years of the great city.

Growing up in a big family and surrounded by monumental and historic buildings-history, the sense of magnificence all around city has been a lifetime inspire to him.

He began his career working with Goldaş, the biggest jewelry company in Turkey, and he has also worked for exclusive international luxury brands including Gucci, Armani, and Ferrari.

Having had over 10 years’ of experience in jewellery industry,

Designer Cenk Esertepe created his own lines under the new brand in London with Mehmet Topbaş in 2009.

Travelling is the huge part of his inspiration that ignite the design process.

He believes in the power of big Jewelry and good design as he said

'A Jewelry is the most uplifting thing that a woman can own.'


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