Mehmet Topbaş studied International Relations in Istanbul University,

After he graduated he wanted to continue his education in London.

He studied  Marketing in University of London Birkbeck College  and  Economics in Westminster College.

He came back to Istanbul to began his career in banking and he worked as Manager in HSBC for 6 years.

In 2006 he started to work for Moody's, one of the biggest American business and financial services company.

During his travels while he was working for Moody's, he has decided to settle in London and in 2009, he has created JCM London with Cenk Esertepe.

Since then he is travelling all around the Europe and United States for JCM London's growing international business.

He is the reason that you can find a JCM London Jewelry everywhere in the world from Hong Kong to New York.


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