JCM London is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Having had over 10 years’ of experience in jewellery industry,

Designer Cenk Esertepe created his own lines under the new brand in London with his partner Mehmet Topbaş in 2009.

Since then JCM has been expanding its client base all over the globe from Hong Kong to NY and from St Petersburg to Johannesburg.


In JCM London we always focus on great ideas and extraordinary designs, rather than creating commercially driven collections.

This motto has kept the brand always forward and fresh for newness.


Our design and production process basically based on two fundamentals;

Sourcing a wide range of materials from all over the world and shimmer them with the craftmanship techniques at our workshops in Istanbul.


Highlight the visibility of colors by using high quality CZ, array the elegance on any material with a magical touch of hematite.


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